Canada Cup: Hardwood

This year marked the 20th Anniversary of Canada’s top racers gathering to battle it out on some of the best race courses in the country. This Canada Cup was certainly no exception as riders got to race the world class PanAm course at Hardwood Hills. Back to back Canada Cup race weekends also provided perfect race preparation for teams from other countries visiting for the PanAm Games, which brought some competition in the Elite fields.

The raceday weather was a real treat, as the rain was relentless and did not let up. It went from a light drizzle in the AM to down-pour in the afternoon, making for a muddy and slippery course.

Jay had a strong start in the Master Expert (30 – 39) field but didn’t finish due to a tire issue in his third lap, while Mike battled it out with the local Hardwood Hills riders on their own turf in the Master Expert (45 – 49) category to take 5th. Jan’s Junior Expert field welcomed riders from all over North America, including the USA National Team. He raced hard in afternoon muddy conditions to finish top 20 amongst a stacked field. Kelsey and Chris faced the toughest field of the day in the Elite category, as they took to the start line with local World Cup riders in addition to top athletes from Columbia to Guatemala. Kelsey fought the slippery conditions for a strong 16th place finish and Chris rounded out the top 30 riders in the Elites.

Hardwood Hills is always a great race venue and the PanAm preparation has really brought the course to the next level. We’re looking forward to returning for the Summer and Fall Epic 8HR events!


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