XC Marathon Nationals

Superfly Racing brought the XC Marathon Nationals to Ontario this year, offering a tough but fun course on the always great trails surrounding Horseshoe Resort. The two lap format proved to be challenging as the weather did not let up throughout the entire day. The rain made for muddy drivetrains and plenty of running up steep sections. The 30+km lap spanned the familiar Ontario Cup trails located at Horseshoe and continued with a large loop through the Copeland Forest.

Kelsey, Mike and Jay were out to brave the elements and represent Team Progressive. Kelsey’s Elite wave was stacked as many national riders made their appearance at the national event. Battling seized pulleys for more than a lap and just returning from a leg injury, Kelsey was pleased with a solid 11th place finish. Jay also had a consistent race in the 30 – 39 wave to take 3rd place, while Mike just missed a 3rd place finish in the 40 – 49 field by about a minute.

Despite the weather it was great to get back to Horseshoe for another race this season and we’re looking forward to hitting the course again next year!


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